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We don't just make music; we create experiences.

From the idea of "Hey Julis!" in late autumn 2020, through our first concert in 2021 at Bootshafensommer in Kiel, and with numerous concerts and releases since then: With our Progressive Pop straight from Kiel, we bring a musical breeze that is truly one of a kind.

Dreamy melodies? Absolutely. But be warned – with an energy that will blow you away.

The genre Progressive Pop alone doesn't reveal much about our sound, but it explains the mindset with which we write our songs: curious, innovative, and experimental. Unrestricted by guidelines or a specific sound, questioning and challenging the status quo, personal, and authentic.

Our songs are small puzzle pieces of our experiences, personalities, and feelings, which collectively make the "person" Hey Julis! tangible. Sometimes mystical and mysterious, sometimes romantic and dreamy, sometimes sad and serious, sometimes desperate and energetic, sometimes relaxed and humorous, sometimes quirky and with a wink – always vibrant and always Hey Julis!

With a mix of acoustic guitar, electric piano, ukulele, saxophone, and impressively synchronized harmonies, we push the boundaries of pop with our innovative songs. And yes, the jazz and rock vibes you hear aren't coincidental – they are part of the secret recipe that defines the "Hey Julis!" sound.





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